YouTube video speed history


Video Speed Comparison (February 15, 2011 to March 15, 2011)


Check your video playback speed on YouTube video channel



What is YouTube video speed history?
YouTube video speed history displays your video loading speed, e.g. video streaming speed at your current location (in your browser of choice and with your current IP address) and benchmarks it against the global average, so that you can compare your video streaming speed with other users of your provider, in your city, country, and global.

What is YouTube's aim behind this service?
Video download speed can significantly affect video quality. This way you can test your Internet connection speed and at the same time compare your data with other users in your region.

What do speed indicators refer to?
Speed indicators refer to video traffic and are given in Mbps.

What are the factors that affect the video speed?
There are many factors that impact video speed, such as the Internet Service Provider you are using, the distance from your computer to Google servers, etc.

Why are city and country data sometimes incorrect?
Data shown depend on the IP address that is sent to YouTube video servers. The location is only an approximation because Internet Service Providers may internally change the IP address that is sent to YouTube video servers.

How often is the video speed database updated?
Database is updated daily.

For more information on measuring methodology, click here.