Terms of Use

Basic company information
Full name of legal entity GAMA Electronics Ltd.
Address Mišarska 11, Belgrade
Activity & activity code Telecommunications/64200
CRN 07489706
VAT 100290617
Web www.bitsyu.net
Phone 011 333 0 333
Email prodaja@beograd.com

Protection of confidential transaction data

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted over public networks in a protected (encrypted) form via SSL and PKI protocols, which are currently the most advanced technologies.

Safety of data when shopping online is guaranteed by the payment card processor Banca Intesa Belgrade, so that the entire billing process is completed on the bank's website. At no moment shall the payment card data be available to us. Since no card data is saved on our system, GAMA Electronics Ltd. shall not be held responsible for the abuse thereof.

Privacy policy

On behalf of GAMA Electronics Ltd., we are committed to protecting our customers' privacy. We will only collect the necessary personally identifiable information to the extent necessary to serve our business purposes, in order to send you information about products and services that we think might interest you and to provide you with better products and services. As we are obliged to fully respect the confidentiality of our user, we guarantee that you personal data will only be made available to employees who have work-related interest in such information. All employees of GAMA Electronics Ltd. handling personal data and other customer information are under the obligation of secrecy regarding the data they process.

Payment methods

Purchase of services is done according to General Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

By respecting General Terms & Conditions of Purchase, Seller and Buyer will help ensure successful completion of sales transactions through via Gama Electronics online store.

In case of disregarding their obligations, Gamma Electronics and Buyer will be subject to specific consequences as outlined in General Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

Gama Electronics reserves the right to change or modify these Terms & Conditions according to changes in market conditions and introduction of new law regulations. Remember to check general terms and conditions before each purchase.

General terms of purchase

  1. Gama Electronics online store accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro cards.
  2. Gama Electronics online store allows you to purchase international/national Internet domains and buy credits for your prepaid VoIP account.
    To do so, it's necessary that you have:
    • an active payment card
    • an active username (user account) at Gama Electronics under which you want to register an Internet domain or buy VoIP prepaid credits.
  3. Login with your username and password, then select the service that you want to activate among the listed options. Price will be displayed for each selected service.
  4. Finally, a listing of services that will be activated is displayed. Check carefully for any mistakes, especially when activating a subscription. In case you want to extend your subscription or your subscription is automatically renewed, subscription start date is also displayed.
  5. Clicking the Pay button will lead you to a protected page with payment system, where you will enter your payment card data. After your data is checked and the transaction is authorized, Gama Electronics will be notified about your payment and will then activate all the services you have requested, so you can start using them right away.
  6. During the payment process, server response is not always immediate and the procedure may take some time to finish (up to 60 seconds in rare cases). If you're not sure that your order was accepted after you clicked the confirmation button, we recommend that you wait and avoid clicking the button multiple times. Also refrain from clicking the Back button in your browser and repeating the procedure all over again.
  7. Gama Electronics guarantees to provide required service within 10 minutes upon successful completion of the transaction. In order to confirm this, you may want to login to your user account at http://www.bitsyu.net.
  8. After successful payment over the Internet, you will get a notification i.e. a brief summary of purchase details. All relevant information about the transaction will be sent to the email address that you provided at registration.
  9. Write down the unique ID number for your order because you will need it in the event of a complaint.
  10. In case of an error during the purchase (such as, losing your connection to the Internet, unavailability of credit card processor, etc.), Buyer's account will not be debited.
  11. If the Buyer enters the wrong information (i.e. user name, card number) during the purchase, Gama Electronics cannot be held responsible for undelivered services.
  12. If the Buyer enters wrong username, depending on the type of service it is possible to transfer payment to the desired username. It is necessary to provide all relevant information – username you used to make a payment, valid username, unique ID number for your order allocated by Gama Electronics, and date of transaction.
  13. If you made a mistake when selecting service or you decided you do not want to use the selected service after all, you can submit a claim and request suspension of service. If you've already begun using the service in any way, money refund is no longer possible. Return of funds can be made via the following methods: VISA, EC/MC, and Maestro, meaning that refunds shall be credited to the cardholder's account by the bank at our request.
  14. If you experience any issues during your purchase, please direct your complaints to our customer service either by phone (011 333 0 333) or via email (prodaja@beograd.com).
  15. In the event of a complaint, contact our administration service by phone (011 333 0 333) or via email (prodaja@beograd.com) within three (3) days after the occurrence of the problem. Remember to include complete information about your order indicating possible irregularities in order to correct the mistake.
  16. Complaints are resolved within 48 hours.
  17. Gama Electronics is not under any obligation to deal with complaints caused by inability of service delivery due to Buyer's incorrect user account.